Rocket Fuel, Inc.

90% of Programmatically Sourced Software Engineers Prove to be Higher Quality than those from Traditional Job Boards


The average time-to-interview for candidates sourced by Appcast was 3 days.


90% of candidates sourced by Appcast were of higher quality than candidates sourced on a traditional job board.


80% lower cost-per-hire than the company’s standard benchmark for senior-level engineers.

Rocket Fuel spent 1/10th of what they would have to pay an agency to fill the same role.

Client’s Challenges

Cost per hire of senior software engineers and artificial intelligence jobs are up to $15,000

Ryan Buck, Manager of Recruiting Operations at Rocket Fuel, had used Appcast at his previous company, and was excited to use the recruitment advertising software again when starting his career at Rocket Fuel. Buck’s open positions requiring senior-level engineering and artificial intelligence skills are some of the most sought-after and competitive positions in the industry. The average cost-per-hire of senior-level engineers for companies in metropolitan areas ranges from $10,000 – $15,000.

Passive job seekers, the most highly-desirable candidates for these jobs do not often actively search for new positions. He needed a solution that would source for quality candidates on a specific set of criteria, both actively on job boards and passively on consumer sites, which would meet the standards of Rocket Fuel’s hiring managers and competitive recruiting funnel.

Appcast’s Solution

Leverage programmatic recruitment advertising to find specialized candidates across a deep network of thousands of sites

When starting his trial with Appcast, Buck sponsored all of his most difficult-to-fill jobs, looking for an easy, cost-effective way to extend reach across thousands of sites at once to attract senior-level engineers interested in his new opportunities. Buck fine-tuned his strategy with his Appcast account manager to develop the following recruitment goals for Rocket Fuel:

Attract passive, specialized candidates – Source high-quality engineering and artificial intelligence candidates both actively and passively.

Reduce time-to-interview and time–to-hire – Drive quality applicants quickly and directly into Rocket Fuel’s recruiting funnel, saving Buck’s team the time and effort of having to actively search for candidates across different sources.

Provide robust reporting analytics – Analyze data, metrics, and insights about Rocket Fuel’s job ads (i.e. click-to apply rate, average apply time, and mobile/desktop stats) to help optimize their day-to-day job ad ROI.

Results Driven by Appcast

Appcast’s data-driven software successfully optimized and generated high-quality specialized talent at a 80% lower cost per hire than the company’s benchmark

The total cost of the hires that Rocket Fuel has made using Appcast is about 80% lower than their standard cost-per-hire of software engineers (and 1/10th of the recruitment cost per hire they would typically pay an agency). Rocket Fuel’s goals were further met – 90% of the candidates sourced by Appcast were of the highest quality that Buck required. These candidates performed significantly better during the interview process than candidates sourced from traditional job boards, resulting in better, quicker hires for Rocket Fuel.

For Buck, Appcast’s reporting and analytics on desktop and mobile click-to-apply rates and apply time metrics has had the biggest impact on his recruiting operation.

Buck now insists that Rocket Fuel job applications are trending towards the shortest apply time possible – helping to ensure that quality candidates complete online job applications. His average apply time is now just five minutes, resulting in more completed applications, and a smaller percentage of candidates lost mid-application.

By using Appcast, Buck’s recruitment advertising team has saved time, money, and has analytics at their fingertips through the dashboard. As a result, Rocket Fuel has successfully optimized and generated more, higher-quality candidates at a significantly lower cost.