Regional Health

Regional Health Gets Better Applicants for Less Spend Using Programmatic Job Advertising


Appcast’s reach was 50% better than Regional Health’s previous network and visibility online.


Appcast-sourced therapists, nurses, technologists, and healthcare management professionals prove to be highest quality.


Regional Health sourced healthcare professionals for an average of $19 per applicant.

Client’s Challenges

As the main health care provider in South Dakota, Regional Health struggled to source quality applicants affordably

Laura Donovan, a recruiter at Regional Health, struggled to get enough quality applicants into her candidate pipeline, and her current sources didn’t guarantee she would get applicants for her job advertising spend. As the main health care provider in Western South Dakota, Donovan consistently felt the pressure of needing to source high quality health care professionals in an area lacking other providers.

A solution that would ensure a stronger ROI in her recruiting organization was going to be key in optimizing returns from her recruiting budget, while also allowing her to dig deeper into the analytics of Regional Health’s sourcing efforts.

Additionally, the unemployment rate of 2.9% in South Dakota made sourcing candidates specifically within nursing, therapy, and health care management even more challenging.

Donovan took a pilot of Appcast to get more specialized, quality healthcare candidates. She also worked with her ATS to optimize Regional Health’s mobile application process to convert more candidates during the trial. After completing the pilot, Donovan had actionable, concrete data showing details on quality candidates driven by Appcast that she could present to her leadership team.

Appcast’s Solution

Genuine customer service and easy implementation support the initiative to attract candidates to open jobs

Donovan was thankful for the ease of the Appcast implementation process. There were no upfront fees and no long term contracts. Her Appcast account manager set up job groups for Therapists, Technologists, Nurses, and Management Positions, along with other hard-to-fill roles.

These job groups ran programmatically based on ‘rules’ Donovan set for geographic location, function, number of clicks and applies, and the amount she wanted to spend, reducing the amount of time and effort she would have normally spent manually posting jobs. Appcast’s pay-per-applicant pricing model provided a measurable ROI, and she gained the following benefits:

  • ‘Set it and forget it’ capability – Due to its rules-based, programmatic functionality, Donovan did not need to frequently monitor or manage her job ads, allowing her to spend more time on other functions in her job.
  • Access to new data and reporting capabilities – By analyzing the reports on total clicks, total applies, and applies by mobile or desktop devices, Donovan could see which of her jobs were getting visibility, and which were not.
  • Consistent, genuine customer support – Regular check-in meetings with her Appcast account managers were on her calendar to fine tune her job descriptions, titles and sponsorship levels for the best returns.

Results Driven by Appcast

Appcast sources high quality health care professionals throughout Midwest locations

Since becoming a client in October of 2015, Appcast has driven nearly 200 applies to open Regional Health jobs. For Donovan, the extended reach outside of her community has helped fill even more positions, with high quality candidates sourced from urban areas.

In addition to improvements in reach, Donovan paid only $19 per applicant, an industry leading cost-per-applicant for sourcing health care professionals.