Get hireable candidates for every open job, fast

You have a ton of open jobs to fill at your firm, but half them receive little to no candidates. Use Appcast’s programmatic job advertising solutions to get candidates across all your open roles.

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Appcast for your Staffing Firm or RPO


Increase candidate volume and drive pipeline.

Get candidates for your open requisitions by increasing your reach through a network of job sites that provide traffic for pipeline and hard-to-fill roles, at a lower cost than traditional job boards and aggregators.

Stop wasteful spending on clickbait jobs.

Save money by identifying jobs that aren’t producing candidates (for which you are paying for clicks). Prioritize the jobs that need candidates the most.

Align job sites’ candidate traffic to your goals.

Your job sites drive clicks, but you need candidates. Appcast’s programmatic software aligns the job site goals to yours - delivering candidates on all your jobs, while driving lower cost-per-candidate, and increasing volume for key pipelining targets.

"Clickcast has provided a tremendous boost to our talent attraction efforts. The ability for us to strategically attract talent has allowed us to attract higher quality candidates while also reducing spend."

Phillip Marquart