Client’s Challenges

Traditional job advertising models fail to bring in qualified applicants from rural, Midwestern locations

Christensen Farms was founded in 1974 as a small family company. The organization has experienced fast growth, and is now one of the largest integrated food companies in the United States pork sector. As a result of this company growth, Jake Matter, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Christensen Farms, faces the challenge of recruiting throughout various rural locations in the Midwest where the population is quite limited. In many of the towns Jake recruits for, the nearest cities are more like small towns, and with limited resources, finds difficulty reaching the passive, qualified candidates.

Traditional job advertising models such as job boards and aggregators proved sufficient in finding talent for his entry-level roles, but with his more technical, specialized roles, the results from these solutions differed dramatically. Specifically, for Christensen Farm’s maintenance and repair technician roles where extensive experience and training is required, Jake often wasted time and money on job advertising or through Boolean search. He needed a new solution that would reach and target the most rural populations in the United States, while also eliminating the manual practices of sourcing candidates.

Appcast’s Solution

Easy-to-use, programmatic job advertising tool allows Christensen Farms to access larger applicant pools

The integration with Appcast and Christensen Farm’s ATS, ApplicantPro was easily accomplished. Jake was able to instantly work in the job advertising dashboard, change his budget and target application volume at the job level, and organize his job ads into campaigns based off specific functions. He defined many benefits of Appcast’s programmatic job advertising tool, but provided three key value propositions that he found most impactful:

Better job ad ROI using a pay-per-applicant model – While the cost-per-applicant can differ based on the amount of spend and effort taken to source specialized candidates, Jake appreciated that he was able to set his CPA (cost-per-apply) at an affordable rate and receive a better ROI by only paying for applicants.

Extensive account support from Appcast’s team – Through consistent check-in calls and guidance on job advertising targeting, Jake has received helpful advice and knowledge on the product from Appcast account managers, specific to his unique industry.

Self-sufficient, easy-to-use tool – With minimal time and effort, Jake and his team are self-sufficient in using the Appcast dashboard to make data-driven decisions about their job advertising spend and distribution strategies based off seeing real-time performance in the tool.

Results Driven by Appcast

With Appcast’s data-driven approach, Christensen Farms sources purple squirrel candidates

Because Appcast is a web-based platform, it was easy for other colleagues on Jake’s team to use the recruitment advertising tool. He was able to set the parameters and criteria for candidates needed on his harder-to-fill jobs, and let its programmatic job advertising engine go to work. The candidates that met the criteria from throughout Appcast’s network of 10,000+ job and consumer sites started increasing and filling his pipeline.

In just a few weeks, Jake had received an application (and, ultimately, a hire) from a ‘purple squirrel’ candidate…that had previously taken him up to 6 months to fill.

The Appcast-sourced candidate, who happened to be passive and qualified, lived just a few miles away from one of Christensen Farm’s most rural locations in Illinois. Without Appcast, Jake would have not had enough reach to attract and engage with such a candidate. The ROI proved significant compared to his other sources; Appcast has continued to bring in more purple squirrel candidates throughout the Midwest, for less spend than other traditional sourcing solutions.