Use Programmatic to Optimize Job Ad ROI

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Control your job ad spend

  • Automate candidate acquisition purchasing

    Allow technology to manage your candidate acquisition with automated bidding, budget, and vendor management.

  • Optimize price per candidate by key metrics

    Set conversion target metrics on the apply, lead registration, or other key metrics to force optimize your spending for candidates.

  • Spread budget allocation across target jobs

    Set targets on job campaigns to drive more candidates to the jobs that need the most help.

  • Stop wasting money on non-converting jobs

    Some jobs get clicks and spend budget, but don’t provide results – let Clickcast automatically target and remove those jobs.

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Programmatic drives success

average increase in
volume across more jobs
average reduction
of wasted job ad spend

How it works

Create job campaigns to easily manage incoming job types.

Set rules to optimize candidates & eliminate waste.

Get more candidates, across more jobs, at a lower cost.

Add vendors to create competition for jobs.

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Great features

  • Market-leading job ad management solution

  • Real-time job site management

  • Eliminate pre-purchased media

  • Easy to setup & manage

  • Real-time reporting dashboard

  • 60+ certified vendors with instant access

"Simple, easy, and most importantly, I trust the team behind the product, from the CEO down to our Account Manager."
Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

VP Client Engagement


“Clickcast has provided a tremendous boost to our talent attraction efforts. The ability for us to strategically attract talent has allowed us to attract higher quality candidates while also reducing spend."
Phillip Marquart

Phillip Marquart

Team Lead - Talent Attraction


“With Clickcast, we can drill down job performance by categories, locations, companies, and even the individual job level. This greater insight has allowed us to optimize our advertising efforts on job boards and thus helped improve ROI.”
Jessica Davidson

Jessica Davidson

PPC Marketing Analyst


“Clickcast has allowed us to take control of how our PPC and PPA budgets are spent. We no longer rely on publishers to manage how much funding jobs receive. Instead, we can make decisions that align with the hiring needs of each unique client.”
Colleen Kelly

Colleen Kelly CC

Account Director

Buyer Advertising

"Clickcast changed the way we manage PPC job ads. Now we programmatically buy and optimize PPC media with the freedom and ability to create our own custom solutions."
Ryan Christoi

Ryan Christoi

Manager Partner